Department Information

The Data-Driven Innovation Initiative serves as the command center for our university’s endeavors in education, research, and healthcare digital transformation (DX).

Division of General Affairs

We facilitate efficient coordination and collaboration among the various departments of Kyushu University to ensure the smooth rollout of digital transformation (DX) initiatives.

Division of Digital Society Research

Collaborating with the organizations related to digital society research and practice inside and outside the university, we will explore the ideal future for digital transformation (DX) in societies. This division aims to contribute to DX research and development by providing and updating a roadmap of DX strategies to solve social issues. Research units will be set up depending on social situation.

Division of Learning Analytics

Based on the analysis of learners’ educational activity logs, we will conduct research on extracting and visualizing information that aids in understanding students’ comprehension levels and improving teaching methods. This research will contribute to further enhancing the educational standards at our university.

Division of Next generation Open education Promotion

We are committed to harnessing state-of-the-art ICT—particularly in areas like virtual reality, human-computer interaction, and 5G communications—to create field-specific, immersive digital educational content. Our development will also extend to appropriate teaching methodologies, encompassing online and distance learning, to facilitate active learning among students. Furthermore, by sharing and publishing these exceptional educational materials and teaching methods, we aim to contribute to the broader advancement of knowledge within society.

Division of Research Data Service

We develop the necessary infrastructure for preserving, sharing, and publishing research data. Additionally, we will train personnel to provide services for research data management, including support for making data management plan, publishing data and organizing research data, and research data management literacy education for students in addition to other services. We also research and develop methods for research data management and support appropriate for the situation in Japan.

Division of Healthcare Digital Transformation

We are committed to furthering digital transformation in healthcare by setting up and leveraging a data-driven infrastructure for clinical research and by conducting research on compliance in the management of next-generation healthcare data.

Division of Data Analysis Support

Our initiatives include promoting data analysis support and assisting in the use of software relevant to data analysis, thereby accelerating the implementation of data-driven approaches in education, research, and medicine.

Division of Administrative DX Promotion

Following a comprehensive review of the administrative workflows across the entire university, we have launched the “Administrative DX Promotion Project.” The goal of this project is to streamline and standardize our administrative processes, ensuring optimal usage of data and alignment with cloud-based systems.

Partnering with Departments Across the University

The Data-Driven Innovation Initiative depends on extensive cooperation and collaboration with relevant university departments, which are essential and indispensable for its success. We leverage the expertise and cutting-edge research of each department to advance specific initiatives that include “building the infrastructure needed for Society 5.0,” “establishing data management and data governance,” and “data-driven education, research, and medical development.”