In November 2021, Kyushu University announced “Kyushu University VISION 2030,” which outlines the university’s direction and policies for the next ten years. As an institution that aims to “drive social change through integrative knowledge,” we are committed to social transformation by tackling social issues and promoting digital transformation.
As one of Japan’s leading comprehensive universities, Kyushu University covers a wide range of academic fields, from the natural sciences to the humanities and social sciences. Unique among national universities in Japan, we also have a school of design, which helps drive social innovation. The Data-Driven Innovation Initiative was established in April 2022 with the goal of promoting DX across a variety of fields, leveraging our unparalleled and distinctive infrastructure capable of social value creation.
In the realms of education, research, and medicine, more and more technical equipment and devices are being utilized, and with them, data collection and analysis technologies have advanced dramatically in recent years. We believe that a data-driven approach, which involves broadly collecting, analyzing, and utilizing a wide variety of data to significantly enhance the quality of education, research, and healthcare, is one of the most crucial methods within the innovation ecosystem.
Especially important under the framework of data governance, which aids in data management, is the advancement of collecting and sharing academic resources, including research and educational data. Additionally, fostering communities that effectively utilize these amassed academic resources is essential.
The newly established Data-Driven Innovation Initiative will function as a platform of knowledge, helping us discover and create new values across various fields based on data. We will effectively implement data-driven education, research, and healthcare and construct a digital transformation framework that realizes “integrative knowledge” from across the entire university.

President, Kyushu University
Tatsuro Ishibashi
Deputy Chief Director
Executive Vice President・Senior Vice President
Rin-ichiro Taniguchi
Assistant Chief Director
Senior Vice President
Koji Okamura
Assistant Chief Director
Senior Vice President
Seiichi Uchida
Assistant Chief Director
Visiting Professor
Yuichi Nakamura

Organization Chart


The Data-Driven Innovation Initiative (DX Initiative) is designed to utilize our university’s strengths, including learning analytics, innovative educational content development, and research in mathematical and data sciences, library science, and the pioneering Hisayama Genome Cohort. Our objective is to create a system that not only promotes data-driven education, research, and healthcare across the entire university but also positions us as a leading institution in digital transformation (DX). By collaborating with the local community and harnessing integrative knowledge, Kyushu University aims to contribute to real social change as a pioneer in DX.
Given the difficulty of addressing complex social challenges through the siloed efforts of individual high-performing research areas, our approach involves bringing together a wide array of academic fields, from the natural sciences to humanities and social sciences, under the university president’s governance and management, while also considering the ethical and legal implications. This unified approach aims to address social challenges and create a foundation to facilitate transformations within social and economic systems.


1 Data-driven education, research, and medical development

In the current DX era, we're promoting a data-driven strategy across the university to transform education, research, and healthcare. This strategy involves collecting a wide range of data, analyzing it to develop new methodologies in these fields, and then using the resulting data to advance to the next stages of education, research, and healthcare. This positive feedback loop is part of a university-wide push to dramatically improve the quality through a data-driven approach.

2 Proposals for an ideal new digital society

Guided by digital advancements, our approach is to envision the ideal digital society and analyze the path to this future through backcasting. We intend to articulate the precise steps that need to be undertaken in the short, medium, and long term to achieve this vision.

Proposals for an ideal new digital society

  • In partnership with the Integrated Initiative for Designing Future Society, we are committed to exploring the ideal role of DX in future societies. Through backcasting the journey towards this ideal, and by outlining concrete steps for the short, medium, and long term, we aim to contribute to the development of the new digital society, sharing our findings and recommendations with society at large.
  • We will focus on clarifying regional issues and providing support for solutions through DX. Additionally, we aim to contribute to the development of DX professionals who are needed in local regions.